Chris Cornell:” I don’t know how to write music”

October 24, 2011 Celebrities  2 comments

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has revealed that he can not read nor write music.Rocker Chris Cornell has taken piano lessons as a child, but because he did not continue, now he can not write music, informs The artist puts the blame upon his piano teacher who was “bad”. “I learned to read music when I was 10 and took piano lessons. Unfortunately, I had no clear direction. I felt like at school. It was just another subject. I had a pretty bad piano teacher. I quickly learned to read music, but now I do not know anything. When I was 30-something years old, I tried to take lessons again and to learn to read music again. I thought that it would be easy. Well, it was not, “said Chris Cornell for However, Chris Cornell is recognized as a composer and a successful solo artist admitting that he can explain musical ideas when needed.

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