Mariah Carey felt ‘naked’ without make-up

May 19, 2009 Celebrities  One comment


When Mariah Carey appears in Precious with her face stripped of make-up, she may as well be naked.

The singer revealed the challenge of the radically altered appearance to play a social worker from Harlem in the movie adaptation of a searing Push: A Novel left her feeling just the same as shedding all her clothes.

“The dark make-up under the eyes to get the really haggard look and fluorescent lighting was like being naked and looking your worst on screen,” Carey said in a television interview.

It was also revealed that director Lee Daniels had to coach her at difficult moments she had adjusting to the movie that tells the story of a teen enduring incest.

Carey’s glamour is renowned and extends to a walk-in lingerie closet she showed recently on the Oprah show, filled with dozens of pink camisoles and other luxury items on hangers.

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