Sting: ‘Cocaine Disagreed With Me’

July 15, 2007 Celebrities


Rock star Sting quit taking cocaine in the early 1980s, because it blocked up his sinuses. The singer is grateful the illegal drug disagreed with him and he avoided a dependency on it, like so many of his contemporaries. The Police frontman tells Mojo, “I’m sure cocaine is horrible. It makes you feel uncomfortable in your skin. I was lucky I couldn’t get much of it into my system because it always blocked up my sinuses. Glad he found out that there was no point in taking drugs or else he would be lying in a corner in his top floor pent house like a sicko. I wish cocaine did that to everyone. Good for Sting that he quit. Ya, it might have meant that he might turn into a soulful singer singing if he kept having cocaine. And as if cocaine was a soul that came out of the grave and told him that it wasn?t to be good friends with sting and therefore just quit life with cocaine.